• Superhero Love
  • 08 Barmitzvah #2

It all started with the 50th anniversary of my Uncle Joel’s Bar Mitzvah.  My gift to him was a song entitled ‘Doo doo dee doo it’s Bar Mitzvah #2 for Uncle Joel’.  He really liked it.  Then one for Dad on his 60th birthday, and another for my stepdad on his 70th.  Then I started helping raise money for my favorite non-profits by auctioning off original custom songs.  Most recently I wrote a song for my best friend Chris’s wedding called ‘Superhero Love’.

These songs are so much fun to write and the recipients seem so happy to have them, that I want to open this up to anyone.  So if you are not a songwriter but you want a song to be created for a friend, family member, or general special occasion, then I would be happy to help you.  We can work together to create anything from a simple 2 minute song with guitar and vocals to an epic rock ballad featuring multiple instruments and additional tracks.

Rates begin at $100 for a simple 2-track recording.   This includes a CD and/or and mp3 version of your custom song.   I will work diligently to ensure that the song meets your expectations.