• The Surfboard Song
  • Dirty Disco

D4P is the current incarnation of Dan Miller, a singer/songwriter from Florida, who has been winning over audiences around the world for the past 15 years. From 2001-2010, Dan worked as a wilderness trip leader and traveled extensively during his time off.  This transient lifestyle, while great for providing inspiration, made it difficult to put to together a regular band.  Turning his disability into his opportunity, Dan discovered looping technology that allowed him to become a one-man jam band.  Often compared to Keller Williams or Ani DiFranco, Dan delivers strong and charismatic vocals backed by a unique and powerful percussive guitar technique. Add to this the bass, synth, drums, slide whistles, mouth harps, and other random sounds he brings to his live performances and you are sure to be entertained. At a D4P show audience members are mesmerized as folk songs evolve into intricate danceable melodies live on stage. Dan is also notorious for his on-stage antics and audience participation during his shows. His fearless sense of humor combined with an astounding musical ability puts this musician in a class by himself.



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